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Varna Library

  • 06 Jun

  • Architecture

This is the new public space of Varna:
A building made out of books.
Our building materials are the 1.266.000 present and future books that are now scattered
around the city. We collect them on the site and then start organizing them following the
functional logic of the traditional library, archiving and save keeping of knowledge in one
side and providing public access to the collected knowledge on the other.
The resulting compact volumes are rotated and oriented, so that the opaque archives shade
the transparent public stack and allow it to enjoy a maximum of daylight and views.
As the two parts are combined, a third space appears: the void within the stack. This void
is a continuous space that grows like a tree from a generous open space at the stem into
intimate pockets at the tip of its branches.
This is the new public space, ready to be inhabited by the people of Varna. Here they can
pursue any of the various activities that a library of the present or the future offers or they
can simply find their favourite corner to enjoy the view…and read a book.